Meet Our Providers

Rachel Blodgett, APN

Staff Education:
Rachel received her Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Bradley University and her Masters of Science at Saint Francis Medical Center College of Nursing. Prior to joining Illinois CancerCare, Rachel worked in the Intensive Care Unit at Proctor Hospital.
When did you join Illinois CancerCare?
April 2017
Hobbies / Interests:
I enjoy volleyball, camping, reading, and spending time with my husband, Anthony, our four children and three dogs.
What medical change has impacted the field of cancer the most since you began practicing medicine?
Ongoing research into genetic mutations is definitely opening more doors for treatment possibilities than ever before. Cancer is becoming more targetable due to the advancements in our knowledge of the underlying changes in genes that lead to cancer. It really is amazing how rapidly this field of study is growing. Illinois CancerCare truly values evidence-based practice and has an impressive research department, which continually contributes to improving care for oncology patients.
Why did you choose your field?
My mother was an oncology patient at Illinois Cancer Care and she received excellent care at a time when she needed it most. She had providers who listened, sympathized, and were knowledgeable about the care they were providing. I wanted to be that kind of advocate for patients going through these difficult diseases. I was born and raised in Peoria and I love the Midwest. We live in the Brimfield community now and I enjoy being surrounded by family and friends.
Do you have any advice to give patients after they have been diagnosed with cancer?
Educate yourself and do not be afraid to ask questions. Knowledge helps to alleviate some of that fear of the unknown, which can sometimes be one of the most difficult hurdles to overcome with a new diagnosis.