Future of Genetics

Looking Toward The Future Of Genetics  – Genome / Exome Sequencing Is What’s Next

Whole genome/exome sequencing and “panel testing” are here! It is already possible to look at a panel of 40 genes for the price of current testing for one or two genes.

The field of studying genes for predicting cancer is evolving constantly.  We are only just beginning to understand how genes predict our cancer risk as well as many other aspects of our health.  The Illinois Cancer Care Genetics Clinic is committed to offering our community the most current, up-to-date approaches for genetic testing and risk assessment.

We Want To Serve Our Community To Help Prevent Cancer:

  • The Illinois Cancer Care Genetics clinic has received a grant from the Illinois Cancer Care Foundation to help provide universal screening for Lynch syndrome to patients diagnosed with colorectal cancer in the Peoria area.
  • The screening is a simple test that is performed on a sample of a patient’s tumor. The results of this test can help determine if the patient may have an inherited form of colorectal cancer called Lynch syndrome.  Our goal is to identify families at risk and prevent them from ever getting colon or rectal cancer (and other types of cancer associated with Lynch syndrome).
  • We are partnering with the Susan Komen Breast Center to provide risk management to moderate and high risk patients identified through a new screening process initiated by the Breast Center.  Once a patient with moderate or high risk is identified, they will have the opportunity to meet with a genetics provider to discuss their risk and learn ways to manage it. The goal is to either prevent breast and ovarian cancer from occurring or to diagnose these cancers at a stage where they are curable.