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Looking Toward The Future Of Genetics  – Genome / Exome Sequencing Is What’s Next

Whole genome/exome sequencing and “panel testing” are here! It is already possible to look at a panel of 40 genes for the price of current testing for one or two genes.

The field of studying genes for predicting cancer is evolving constantly.  We are only just beginning to understand how genes predict our cancer risk as well as many other aspects of our health.  The Illinois Cancer Care Genetics Clinic is committed to offering our community the most current, up-to-date approaches for genetic testing and risk assessment.

We Want To Serve Our Community To Help Prevent Cancer:

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Will My Visit Be Covered By My Insurance?

This depends on your insurance plan. Most insurance plans cover visits to a specialist if you already have a diagnosis of cancer. If you are unaffected by cancer and have a family history, your visit may be covered under your wellness plan. The Affordable Care Act may mandate that your visit be covered by your insurance as a preventive medicine measure.

Will I Be Tested The Day Of My Appointment?

If your appointment is with telemedicine, you may receive a saliva kit in the mail or come to an Illinois CancerCare clinic at your convenience for a blood draw.


If your appointment is at the clinic and testing is appropriate, it can be performed the day of your initial visit.

Can My Insurance Company Discriminate Against Me If I Have A Genetic Mutation?

The Genetic Information Nondiscrimination Act (GINA), enacted in May of 2008, provides federal protection from genetic discrimination in health insurance and employment. It is possible to face difficulty acquiring life insurance, long term care or long term disability if you have cancer or a known genetic mutation.

What Does Testing Mean To My Family?

This question will be addressed at your appointment. The physician will explain how genetic problems are inherited and give you advice regarding testing or surveillance of your family members.

Will My Insurance Cover The Cost Of My Genetic Test?

The genetic testing companies will verify your insurance coverage for you and will let you know if your test is not covered. You will then have the option of canceling your test and owing nothing.

You always have the option to pay out of pocket for the test, currently priced at $250.00. This is only for the test and not the consult, although financial assistance options may be available in this situation. The Illinois CancerCare genetics team will contact you prior to your appointment to help with questions regarding fees, insurance and billing.