Meet Our Providers

Jodi Foreman, APN

Staff Education:
Jodi received a Bachelor of Science in Community Heath from University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign. She also received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Southern Illinois University Edwardsville and a Master of Science degree in Nursing focusing as a Family Nurse Practitioner at Illinois State University.
When did you join Illinois CancerCare?
July 2016
Hobbies / Interests:
I enjoy being outdoors, camping, traveling and spending time with my family and friends.
What medical change has impacted the field of cancer the most since you began practicing medicine?
One of the greatest changes I have seen in my nursing career is the use of technology and electronic communication as a means to keep in touch between patients, their caregivers and the healthcare team.
Why did you choose your field?
I always enjoyed taking care of oncology patients in the hospital and was looking for a specialty where I could form long-term relationships with my patients.