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From the beginning, Illinois CancerCare’s dedication to patients has been evident in our commitment to furthering cancer care through clinical research. With more than 13,000 patients enrolled in clinical trials over the last 40 years, our award winning research program stands tall amongst other nationally recognized research institutions and academic centers. Illinois CancerCare offers a diverse clinical trial menu comprised of preventative, diagnostic, treatment, symptom management, survivorship, registry, and cancer care delivery trials.

Each of our clinical trials are hand selected by our team of medical oncologists and undergo an extensive committee review process to ensure that the trials that we offer accurately reflect our patient population and the most advanced treatment options available.

Research is a core value and fundamental pillar of Illinois CancerCare. It is through our dedication to research that we are able to offer the most cutting edge therapies to our patients right here in central and western Illinois.

Clinical Trials Research Team

Kelly Crawford-Jones

Stories of Success

I feel incredibly lucky to have been accepted into a clinical research trial following my breast cancer diagnosis in 2018. I received great treatment under the care of Dr. Le-Lindqwister.

Participating in research not only filled me with hope, but it also gave hope to thousands of other survivors as well. 

Kelly Crawford-Jones
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Research by the Numbers

43Years of Research Experience
100+Clinical Trials Available
13KPatients enrolled in Clinical Trials
2XNational Clinical Trial Enrollment Avg.


What is a clinical trial?

Clinical studies are research studies in which real people participate as volunteers. Clinical research studies (sometimes called trials or protocols) are a means of developing new treatments and medications for diseases and conditions. There are strict rules for clinical trials, which are monitored by the National Institutes of Health and the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. Some of the research studies at Illinois CancerCare involve promising new treatments that may directly benefit patients

Why should I participate in a clinical trial?

The health of millions has been improved because of advances in science and technology, and the willingness of thousands of individuals like you to take part in clinical research. The role of volunteer subjects as partners in clinical research is crucial in the quest for knowledge that will improve the health of future generations. Without your help, the research studies cannot be accomplished.

Are there risks involved in participating in clinical research?

Risks are involved in clinical research, as in routine medical care and activities of daily living. The specific risks associated with any research protocol are described in detail in the consent document, which you are asked to sign before taking part in research. In addition, the major risks of participating in a study will be explained to you by a member of the research team, who will answer your questions about the study. Although you may not receive any direct benefit as a result of participating in research, the knowledge developed may help others.

Does insurance pay for care associated with participation in a research study?

Some insurance companies do refuse to pay for care associated with participation in research studies. Medicare has specific rules about what types of studies they will reimburse for. Our Illinois CancerCare Financial Counselors are a great resource for this information. We recommend that you allow our Financial Counselors to review your insurance coverage rules or speak to your insurance carrier regarding any participation in a research study, rather than contacting the insurance carrier yourself.

Will I received a placebo for my treatment?

Placebos are harmless, inactive substances made to look like the real medicine used in the clinical trial. Placebos allow the investigators to learn whether the medicine being given works better or no better than ordinary treatment. If a placebo is part of a study, you will always be informed in the consent form given to you before you agree to take part in the study. 

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