Meet Our Providers

Sarah Lindsey, APN

Staff Education:
Sarah has a Doctor of Nursing Practice degree in Nursing from Mennonite College of Nursing at ISU. She has been an Advanced Practice Nurse since 2007 and is board certified as an Oncology and as an Acute Care Clinical Nurse Specialist as well as a Certified Neuroscience RN.
When did you join Illinois CancerCare?
January 2012
Family Information:
Sarah lives in Bloomington with her husband, Todd. She has two adult sons, Joshua and Jason.
Hobbies / Interests:
I enjoy spending time with my husband of more than 30 years, my adult children and dog, as well as my large extended family. I love to read, teach and work on puzzles when I have time.
What medical change has impacted the field of cancer the most since you began practicing medicine?
The advancement of targeted therapies and options for managing side effects.
Why did you choose your field?
I became a nurse specifically to work with cancer patients. I have a passion for oncology and am thankful for the many blessings I have received as a result of being in this profession.
Do you have any advice to give patients after they have been diagnosed with cancer?
Communication is important; write down questions before you come in each time to make sure all your questions have been addressed.