Quality Assurance (QA) FAQs

If you are in the office…

  • You can ask any employee to call the Quality Assurance (QA) Department for you and notify the QA Director.
  • You can call the patient relations line at 243-3456 to communicate your complaint.
  • You can pick up a patient experience card in any of the waiting rooms, complete it and place it in the dropbox at the front door [Peoria location office only] or give it to an ILCC employee.

If you are not in the office…

  • You can call 243-3456 directly.
  • You can call 243-3000 and ask to speak to the QA Coordinator regarding a complaint.

You will handle these types of complaints exactly how you would if it was against an employee.

No. If you choose to remain anonymous, you can. We will need to know what happened and the name of your doctor for complaint reporting.

The QA Coordinator a Patient Advocate will contact you or your caregiver within an hour of receiving the information. If the coordinator is in the building, someone will come speak with you directly within minutes.

This shouldn’t occur, but if it does, please call 243-3456 and let the QA Coordinator know what happened, when the incident occurred, your physician’s name, and your name [optional]. If you leave your name and phone number, you will be contacted as soon as the message is heard.