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Coming Together on World Cancer Day

Every year, nearly 9 million people worldwide die from cancer.1 And that’s not okay.

That’s why, at the turn of the century, World Cancer Day was created at the World Summit Against Cancer for the New Millennium in Paris. Launched on February 4, 2000, the goal was (and remains) to “promote research, prevent cancer, improve services, raise awareness and mobilize the global community to make progress against cancer.”2

An initiative of the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC), World Cancer Day gets people talking about cancer, educates others about its global impact and shines a light on the role governments can play in reducing this worldwide crisis. The key issues that need to be addressed on a global basis include:

Awareness, Understanding, Myths and Misinformation: Access to information and knowledge about cancer can empower us all.

Prevention and Risk Reduction: Over one third of cancers are preventable, which means we all can reduce our cancer risk.

Equity in Access to Cancer Services: Life-saving cancer diagnosis, treatment and care should be equal for all—no matter where you live, what your income, your ethnicity or gender.

Government Action and Accountability: Governments can influence many of the levers to reduce and prevent cancer.

Beyond Physical—The Mental and Emotional Impact: The impact of cancer goes far beyond physical health, impacting the mental and emotional well-being of patients and their caregivers.

Saving Lives Saves Money: The financial impact on nations, individuals and families have a huge impact on sustainable economic and human development. By focusing on saving lives, we can also save money.

Reducing the Skills Gap: A shortage of skilled healthcare workers is one of the greatest barriers in delivering quality cancer care.

Working Together As One: By joining forces, we help to strengthen efforts that stimulate powerful advocacy, action and accountability at every level.
The bottom line is this. “The UICC believe that access to life-saving cancer diagnosis, treatment and care should be equal for all—no matter where you live, what your income, your ethnicity or gender. We believe that governments must be accountable and national leadership on policies, legislations, investment and innovation is key to accelerated progress. We believe that individuals, together can create change.”

Will you be a part of that change? You can make a difference by volunteering, using your voice, advocating for action or making a donation. Find out how and where you can help by visiting the World Cancer Day Take Action page.

Be sure to share your support using the hashtags #WorldCancerDay and #IAmAndIWill; and follow World Cancer Day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube. Let’s change the world together!