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Celebrating Our Expert Team of Women Physicians!

Cancer is hard. Having it, fighting it… also seeing it, treating it and curing it.

2/3/23 | The physicians at Illinois CancerCare have a challenging day job. Men and women partners share the power here, and we are proud to work for a team in which the leadership is so diverse!

Today, on National Women Physicians Day, we celebrate the expert team of women we are so fortunate to have at Illinois CancerCare. These women are simultaneously impacting their workplace, families and the world. They take good care of themselves so that they can pour their lives into others.

Seeing these inspiring women do what they do, we were curious. Who has influenced their lives? Let’s read a few answers below:

Dr. Jane Liu:

“Ruth Bader Ginsburg studied and worked tirelessly until the last few weeks of her life, even when she was fighting against metastatic pancreatic cancer. Her abilities to rise up to challenges at home, at work and in society gave me a lot of strength. I enjoy her favorite workout, Canadian Air Force XB5. I even raised my strength training target after learning she could do 20+ push-ups!”

Dr. Nadia Rehman:

“My mother has been an extraordinary influence in my life; she has always stressed the importance of hard work and education. I also have a daughter who inspires me everyday with the enthusiasm with which she approaches everything she learns in school, as well as with the kindness and empathy she shows for those around her. My daughter inspires me to try to be a better clinician, colleague and person!

Dr. Kimberly Ku:

A mentor in medical school taught me that all people, not just women, can find success when we define our own values, and live our own integrity with our own sense of confidence. When I see a woman who runs into a ‘no’ still carry on her own work with poise, grace and creativity, I cannot resist emulating her inspirational infinite mindset.”


Written by Alli Turner, Illinois CancerCare employee and Foundation supporter

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