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National Cancer Research Month: Why Research Matters

You may have noticed that research was mentioned several times in the previous article about bladder cancer. That’s because research continues to improve the ways we prevent, diagnose and treat cancer. Coincidentally, May is also National Cancer Research Month.

So, in recognition of both Bladder Cancer Awareness Month and National Cancer Research Month, let’s take a look at a few highlights. Researchers are continuing to learn more about the differences between normal bladder cells and bladder cancer cells, as well as how these cells metastasize (spread throughout the body).

But understanding the differences between these cells is just the beginning of the benefits of clinical trials. As researchers look deep into the genetic changes in bladder cancer cells, it creates the opportunity to potentially:

  • Design a test that can help predict a patient’s prognosis
  • Help physicians identify the best treatment for each person’s bladder cancer
  • Anticipate or quickly identify bladder cancer recurrences
  • Develop new treatments with improved outcomes and fewer side effects

The team at Illinois CancerCare is deeply committed to conducting ongoing research to further improve the lives of cancer patients. Learn more about current clinical trials related to bladder cancer here or reach out to us with any questions.