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Clinical research is the path to finding a cure for cancer.

Peoria, IL May 19, 2020 – For the first part of 2020, Heartland NCORP was the #1 enrolling NCORP in the Alliance for Clinical Trials in Oncology and the #2 overall enroller, only behind Harvard Medical School’s affiliated Dana Farber/Partner’s Health. Heartland NCORP also had the highest score for data quality among the top ten enrolling sites.

Illinois CancerCare partners with two other Midwestern hospital systems to form the research program Heartland Cancer Research NCORP (NCI Community Oncology Research Program). Together, this group contributes to national clinical cancer research and consistently leads the country in cancer research enrollment.

Clinical trial enrollment is essential in finding new methods to effectively prevent, diagnose, and treat medical conditions. Active patient participation is vital to determine if a new medical approach is beneficial. Heartland NCORP’s high level of clinical trial enrollment results in life-changing treatments getting to the patients that need them, a lot sooner.

Data, the detailed information gathered over the course of the study, is the final product of a clinical trial. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) utilizes each trial’s data to determine if research of the investigational therapy is safe to continue and ultimately if the new therapy will be approved and made readily available to the public. Heartland NCORP prides itself in collecting quality data that accurately reflects each patient’s experience with the investigational product(s). This level of data integrity ensures that only the safest and most effective therapies advance forward from clinical trial research to general patient use.

Heartland NCORP is making a major impact in cancer care, right here in the Midwest!




About Illinois CancerCare

Illinois CancerCare is one of the largest practices in the state of Illinois that treats patients with cancer and blood diseases. It provides state of the art treatments to its patients against these complex diseases by staying at the leading edge of clinical research. Illinois CancerCare is central Illinois’ largest network of cancer care specialists with approximately 100 open clinical cancer research trials being conducted at any given time. The group has been recognized by the Quality Oncology Practice Initiative (QOPI®) Certification Program for outpatient hematology-oncology practices that meet the highest national standards for quality cancer care. Illinois CancerCare has 15 physicians, 29 APN’s and more than 400 staff members. Illinois CancerCare serves patients in 12 cities and 12 counties throughout central and western Illinois including Bloomington/Normal, Canton, Carthage, Dixon, Eureka, Galesburg, Kewanee, Macomb, Ottawa, Pekin, Peoria, Peru and Princeton. For further information please visit