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Results from Largest Breast Treatment Trial Exceed Expectations

Illinois CancerCare Research Patients Contribute!

Newly released data from TAILORx, the largest breast cancer treatment trial ever, reveals chemotherapy plus hormonal therapy improves clinical outcomes for early stage, hormone receptor-positive breast cancer patients with a high risk of the recurrence (Oncotype DX Recurrence Score 26-100).

Findings show that an estimated 93% of patients did not have their cancer return in a different area of the body at the five year mark. The addition of chemotherapy to hormonal therapy proves to be more beneficial than hormonal therapy alone in this group of patients.

The use of the Oncotype DX testing is essential in predicting the risk of recurrence in breast cancer patients- low or high risk. Physicians use this information to determine if a patient will benefit from the addition of chemotherapy to their planned treatment.

Over 90 patients at Illinois CancerCare participated in TAILORx, helping to improve treatment options for our patients today and in the future.