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Pancreatic Cancer Genetic Testing

Testing for genetic risk factors for all with a family history of pancreatic cancer…

No matter your location!

Illinois CancerCare is proud to work with Theresa Tracy Strive To Survive to provide genetic testing at NO CHARGE to all ALL first and second generation relatives of those diagnosed with pancreatic cancer… no matter your location!

What is genetic testing? Genetic testing involves taking a sample of your DNA (the genetic material we are all born with) through a saliva sample, and testing specific genes to determine if they have any abnormalities that will cause an increased risk for health issues. At Illinois CancerCare, we specifically look for genes that carry increased risk for cancer.

Benefits? The benefit of knowing that you do or do not carry a specific genetic mutation allows you to make better informed decision about your health care. If you do carry a specific genetic mutation that carries increased risk for cancer, you can be more proactive with cancer screening, possibly at a younger than average age. This also allows you to seek appropriate counseling about lifestyle and health maintenance issues that have an effect on cancer risk.

Risks? The risk of doing genetic testing is having information that may cause increased anxiety about the potential risks for cancer. However, just having a mutation does NOT mean that you WILL get cancer, it means that you may be at increased RISK for cancer.

How does my family’s medical history impact me? Having a family history of cancers may carry increased risk for other individuals in the family to develop cancers as well.


Thank you to everyone who supports Theresa Tracy Strive To Survive to help in the fight against pancreatic cancer. Your support provides genetic detection and research for a cure.