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Serving You with Our Oncology Pharmacy

When faced with a battle against cancer, you need a comprehensive, collaborative, first-rate team to help optimize your treatment and minimize your discomfort. A specially-trained oncology pharmacist is a vital and active member of this team.

The Illinois CancerCare Oncology Pharmacy includes a board-certified oncology pharmacist and additional pharmacists who work closely with our physicians and patients to ensure that you receive the proper medicine and correct dose for your individual needs.

While most people are familiar with IV (intravenous) chemotherapy, oral (taken by mouth) chemo is another treatment method used in some cases. In either situation, oncology pharmacists are experts in this type of medicine, its safety profile and potential side effects.

In addition to collaborating with your oncologist and coordinating your overall medication treatment plan, the professionals in our oncology pharmacy will work closely with you and your family to discuss all your current health conditions and medicines. This allows them to anticipate the likelihood of potential drug interactions and address any issues that may occur, for both your IV chemo treatments and your at-home medications.

Below you’ll find an overview of the four specialty areas of our oncology pharmacy and learn how they benefit your recovery.

ILCC Retail Pharmacy

Our retail pharmacy locations in Peoria, Bloomington, Galesburg and Peru provide outpatient prescription filling services, patient education and insurance billing for patients. We stock many hard-to-find cancer and blood medications, and will special order other medications for patients as needed.

We accept most prescription insurance plans and our cash prices are very reasonable. Both Peoria clinic and satellite clinic patients may choose to fill their prescriptions at this location. Delivery service is offered free at all retail pharmacy locations.

ILCC Infusion Pharmacy (IV Prep)

Our infusion pharmacies prepare IV (intravenous) medications for patients on site following current USP (United States Pharmacopeia) clean room standards. All IV medications (chemotherapy) are prepared, safety checked and monitored.

ILCC Clinical Pharmacist Services

Our staff includes an experienced, board-certified oncology pharmacist and other team pharmacists who provide clinical services tailored to patient care needs. We offer services to both physicians and patients.

In addition to providing general drug education to patients and their families, our team is happy to answer questions related to chemotherapy treatment, side effects and drug interactions at any time.

ILCC Drug Services

Because we believe that research can lead to breakthroughs in cancer treatment, clinical trials are a high priority for Illinois CancerCare. Our pharmacies support our clinical research department. Here we prepare and dispense drugs for clinical trial patients, while also maintaining required documentation.

We’ve Got Your Back

Finally, we know that money matters – and believe it shouldn’t be a worry during your cancer fight. Because our pharmacy team has experience working through the insurance reimbursement process, we may be able to find resources that offer co-pay assistance or manufacturer discounts.

The highly-skilled and compassionate care providers of the ILCC Oncology Pharmacy are a tremendous resource for any questions or concerns you have about your treatment. Please reach out so we can serve you and support you.