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Next Level Care with our Pharmacy Team

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People are often surprised at the huge role the Illinois CancerCare Pharmacy team plays in a patient’s treatment. Yet, our highly trained pharmacy professionals are a crucial part of our collaborative approach to comprehensive cancer care.

Our pharmacy is made up of 64 staff members who are trained on all treatment options and focus on four primary areas – retail specialty pharmacy (pictured), clinical pharmacy, infusion (IV) pharmacy and investigational drug services (drug trials). The team also includes couriers and shuttle drivers who provide additional patient services. Here are some of the main ways our team helps ensure that you have a safe treatment and recovery experience.

Convenient Drug Access

The Illinois CancerCare Retail Pharmacy is here for you every step of the way– from filling prescriptions to answering questions about the drugs your doctor has included in your treatment plan.

We maintain a stock of oncology drugs and blood disorder medications that may not be kept on hand at other local pharmacies, which means that we can typically get them to you faster. We can also special-order other medications, providing you with convenience and easy access to the medications you need

Financial Guidance

In addition to filling your prescriptions, our team is here to help you navigate the financial aspect of getting your medicine. The Illinois CancerCare Pharmacy accepts most prescription insurance plans and is here to provide solutions if you need co-pay assistance.

Our in-house prior authorization team is dedicated to helping patients afford medications – whether that be manufacturer co-pay cards, applying for grants, or applying for free medication. We are also able to contact your pharmacy insurance to get pre-approval quickly for oral chemotherapy.

Remote Pharmacies and Delivery Service

Our pharmacy team is committed to ensuring that our patients have access to the medicines they need, when and where they need them. In addition to our retail pharmacy services in Peoria, you can also get many of your medications in our satellite clinics in Pekin, Bloomington, Peru and Galesburg – with more locations to come. Although these locations are licensed separately, they are an extension of Illinois CancerCare and are overseen by the pharmacists in the Peoria pharmacy.

If you are unable to pick up your drugs – or they are not in stock – we have an expansive delivery service that typically provides your medicine within one business day! Although we don’t promise same-day delivery, we are sometimes able to make this happen.

Patient Education and Answers

One of the most important – and meaningful – roles the professionals in our accredited pharmacy fill is as a source of knowledge and compassion for our patients. This aspect of our service has two goals.

First, we want to be sure you’re taking your medication in the safest and most effective way. We offer a monitoring system designed to follow up with you on a regular basis, ensuring you are able to take your medicines as prescribed and discussing any concerns or side effects.

Second, we truly care about your quality of life. We know that some medications and treatments can cause side effects, and we do not want you to suffer silently or downplay symptoms such as diarrhea, loss of appetite and body aches. We may be able to help alleviate such symptoms, or at least help minimize their impact on your day-to-day life.

Part of Your Healthcare Team

Our pharmacy team is often able to answer your questions immediately, while some concerns need to be addressed with your physician or advanced practice nurse (APN). Because we provide patient-centered care that emphasizes collaboration across all specialty areas, we’re usually able to get answers from your healthcare provider quickly and respond in a short amount of time. With mutual respect between the medical and pharmacy teams, we’re able to deliver a superior level of care to our patients.

Some of the most common questions we get include:

  • Is this side effect normal?
  • What should I do if I miss a dose or I ran out of pills?
  • What order should I take my anti-nausea medications?
  • Can I take these medicines along with my other prescriptions?
  • Can you help me deal with this side effect?

Your Cancer Support Family

The entire Illinois CancerCare team is dedicated to providing you with the most appropriate treatment in a safe and supportive manner. Even though we are a large organization staffed with top-notch professionals, we truly feel like a small and loving family. We encourage you to reach out to our compassionate and well-equipped pharmacy staff with any question at any time.

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