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Lung Cancer Patients Living Longer Thanks to Clinical Trial!

Illinois CancerCare is fighting to defeat cancer – ONE clinical trial at a time!

According to newly published data from clinical research trial IMpower010, early stage non-small cell lung cancer patients that receive Tecentriq (atezolizumab) following surgery and chemotherapy, are living longer… cancer free! Treating lung cancer early, before it spreads, provides the best opportunity for a cure.

Dr. Jane Liu, lung cancer specialist at Illinois CancerCare, states “It is very gratifying to see another landmark study we participated in show positive results! In this study, Tecentriq became the first cancer immunotherapy to help people with resectable early lung cancer live longer without their cancer returning.”

Tecentriq works by assisting the immune system in stopping and/or reversing the growth of tumors. Tecentriq is currently FDA approved for treatment of both extensive-stage small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.

This groundbreaking immunotherapy drug is currently being studied in many other cancer types at Illinois CancerCare!

About the IMpower010 clinical trial

IMpower010 is a phase III clinical trial comparing Tecentriq to the best supportive care, following surgery and completion of a cisplatin-based chemotherapy regimen. Over 1,000 early stage (IB-IIIA) NSCLC patients enrolled on this study worldwide.

Illinois CancerCare opened IMpower010 in 2015, providing our patients early access to this promising therapy.

“The mission of Illinois CancerCare’s research program is to bring tomorrow’s cancer care to our patients today by participating in clinical trials that incorporate novel therapeutic interventions,” adds Dr. Liu. Our Research Heroes continue to advance treatment forward through their participation in clinical trials!

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