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A Phase III, Multicenter, Randomized, Open‑Label Study Comparing the Efficacy and Safety of Glofitamab (RO7082859) in Combination with Polatuzumab Vedotin Plus Rituximab, Cyclophosphamide, Doxorubicin, and Prednisone (POLA-R-CHP) Versus POLA‑R‑CHP in Previously Untreated Patients with Large B-Cell Lymphoma

Study Number: GO44145

Study Summary:
The purpose of this study is to compare the efficacy and safety of glofitamab in combination with polatuzumab vedotin plus rituximab, cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, and prednisone (Pola-R-CHP) vs Pola-R-CHP in participants with previously untreated CD20-positive large B-cell lymphoma (LBCL).

Status: Open

Study Coordinator(s)
  • Navigator Heather, 309-243-3661
  • Hannah, 309-243-3628

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