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Testing the Use of Nilotinib and Paclitaxel as a Treatment for Patients With Prior Taxane Treatment, A ComboMATCH Treatment Trial

Study Number: EAY191 - E4

Study Summary:
This phase II ComboMATCH treatment trial evaluates nilotinib with paclitaxel for the treatment of patients with solid cancers that are growing, spreading, or getting worse (progressive) and that have previously been treated with taxane therapies. Nilotinib is in a class of medications called kinase inhibitors. It works by binding to and blocking the action of a protein called ABL, which signals tumor cells to multiply. This helps slow or stop the proliferation of tumor cells. Paclitaxel is a drug that blocks cell growth by stopping cell division and it may kill tumor cells. Giving nilotinib with paclitaxel may be effective at treating patients with progressive solid cancers that have previously been treated with taxane therapies.

Status: Open

Study Coordinator(s)
  • Navigator Ashton, 309-243-3611
  • Navigator Carrie, 309-243-3621
  • Navigator Angie, 309-243-3613,

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