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A Phase 2 Trial of ADT Interruption in Patients Responding Exceptionally to AR-Pathway Inhibitor in Metastatic Hormone-Sensitive Prostate Cancer (MHSPC): A-DREA

Study Number: A032101

Study Summary:
This phase II trial examines antiandrogen therapy interruptions in patients with hormone-sensitive prostate cancer that has spread to other places in the body (metastatic) responding exceptionally well to androgen receptor-pathway inhibitor therapy. The usual treatment for patients with metastatic prostate cancer is to receive hormonal medications including a medication to decrease testosterone levels in the body and a potent oral hormonal medication to block growth signals from male hormones (like testosterone) in the cancer cells. Patients whose cancer is responding exceptionally well to this therapy may take a break from these medications according to their doctor's guidance. This trial may help doctors determine if stopping treatment can allow for testosterone recovery.

Status: Open

Study Coordinator(s)
  • Navigator Carrie, 309-243-3621
  • Drea, 309-243-3626

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