"I made up my mind I'm not going to give in to breast cancer. I want to be part of proving that more drugs can work for more people."

Vickie Brewer

"It's all about targeted therapy. If you're going to beat cancer, you need to know what you're going after."

Skyler Krans

"The nurses are wonderful. I feel pampered. I'm getting over the hump and getting closer to the finish line. I have a passion in my heart to use this experience to bring about something good."

Stacey Lux

"When I was in treatment, I would hear other people telling their stories, and I knew they were hurting. When you're diagnosed with cancer, you're given a chance to fight. I want to help pass on that chance to others. We have so much to be thankful for, having a resource like this in our community. People need to understand what a treasure we have here."

Barbara Shelby

"These people are meant to be doing what they're doing. I love them all. I always say it's like hugging angels."

Jody Scott