Who do I contact after hours?

Between the hours of 5PM and 8AM a phone call will be transferred to the answering service who will then call the oncologist on-call. The oncologist will call you back but may not be familiar with your situation if they have not had time to pull up your record from the electronic health record.

Please have any medications, allergies, and your pharmacy telephone number and any other pertinent information ready when you call. If your phone blocks unknown calls, please “Unblock” your phone while waiting for the doctor to call you.

When calling, press 2 in phone options.

If you are calling for test results, remember that most physicians schedule a follow-up visit to discuss test results with you. If your doctor has told you he or she will call you with test results, please remember that may take several days for test results to become available. The doctor must personally review the test before you can receive a call about the results. If you are waiting for your doctor to call with results and you have not heard back within a week please call the office. We will make sure those results are seen by your doctor as soon as possible.

Refill requests – if you receive a voice message leave your name, Date of birth, phone number and the medication that needs to be refilled. You will be called back by the end of the day.

Before you call the office, make a list of problems, concerns, and questions. Keep a current medication list available.

We will determine if your problem/question can be answered or if you need to be seen in our office that day. If it is beyond our ability to provide care at any of our clinics we will have you go to the Emergency Room or call 911.

The most likely answer is no, not until your physician makes a complete diagnosis and deems it necessary.

In addition, any concerns you have about insurance coverage will be addressed by our healthcare team and billing professionals. Every visit our receptionist will verify your identification, address, phone number, current primary physician and current insurance information. Please notify our office immediately of any changes.