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Testing the Use of BRAF-Targeted Therapy After Surgery and Usual Chemotherapy for BRAF-Mutated Colon Cancer

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Randomized Phase II Trial of Encorafenib and Cetuximab with or Without Nivolumab (NSC #748726) for Patients with Previously Treated, Microsatellite Stable, BRAFV600E Metastatic and/or Unresectable Colorectal Cancer

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Colon Adjuvant Chemotherapy Based on Evaluation of Residual Disease (CIRCULATE-US)

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CORRECT-MRD II: Second Colorectal Cancer Clinical Validation Study to Predict Recurrence Using a Circulating Tumor DNA Assay to Detect Minimal Residual Disease

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EA2201 (Suspended)

Testing Nivolumab and Ipilimumab With Short-Course Radiation in Advanced Rectal Cancer( Suspended)

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NRG-GI005 (Suspended)

Circulating Tumor DNA Testing in Predicting Treatment for Patients With Stage IIA Colon Cancer After Surgery (Suspended)

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Testing Diet Intervention Versus Non-Diet Intervention for Management of Bowel Symptoms in Rectal Cancer Survivors

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Myopenia and Mechanisms of Chemotherapy Toxicity in Older Adults With Colorectal Cancer

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