Meet Our Providers

Cynthia Salazar, APN

Staff Education:
Cynthia received her associate of applied science in nursing and associate of science through Illinois Valley Community College and then graduated with her bachelor’s degree in nursing from Northern Illinois University in 2014.

She received a master of science in nursing – family nurse practitioner (MSN-FNP) from Walden University in 2018.

Cynthia also has a 10 year background in labor and delivery and is certified as a lactation counselor.
When did you join Illinois CancerCare?
February 2019
Hobbies / Interests:
Outdoor activities, family time, beaches, waterparks, traveling and learning about different cultures.
What medical change has impacted the field of cancer the most since you began practicing medicine?
The use of genetics to guide the decision of choosing the treatment plan that will best suit the patient and fight their disease. The use of targeted therapies and immunotherapies have helped lengthen our patient’s lives without all the systemic side effects that come with chemotherapy drugs, and still help the patient fight/stable their disease, allowing them to continue with their normal daily activities and show a great response to treatment.
Why did you choose your field?
I decided to take on the challenge of working in a field that is constantly changing and providing never-ending learning opportunities where I could continue to help. The courage, faith and strength our patients show every day is truly inspirational.
Do you have any advice to give patients after they have been diagnosed with cancer?
Going forward with treatment is as much of a physical challenge as it is mentally and emotionally. It is extremely important to have a great support system/group to help get through this journey. Ask questions to educate yourself about the diagnosis, treatment plan and goals of treatment. No matter what, remember we will always be here to help you with whatever we can.